Friday, May 30, 2014


For all my followers who have been adventuring with me since the beginning, it is not secret that I love South Carolina. Charleston especially. Libby is moving back to Kansas in two weeks (sad face!) so we decided to start a ladies trip tradition. Once a year we run away to a spot we agree on and drink champagne, experience the local culture and indulge in all the area has to offer. So where else would we start but Charleston!

We departed late Friday evening arrived in the early morning hours. So it comes by no surprise that we woke up needing a good breakfast. And I just adore The Hominy Grill. Worth it, because while you wait for the best brunch ever, you can sip on mimosas and soak up that Charleston sun. (Hot weather is my thing.)

After brunch we walked off the grits and pumpkin bread and strolled the battery. After the Hominy just follow Rutledge until you hit the water. You are farther back so you don't have to search  for a spot but can saunter all the way past rainbow row. 

I do have family in Charleston. My grandmother's entire family is from there, dating way back to before the Revolutionary War. So I grew up hearing stories about our family history. Naturally I had to channel my inner southern belle.  (Target dress makes another appearance.)

In the evening we dined out at the Peninsula Grill. Breathtaking and a real treat.

We ended with a Sullivans Island day/ King St. evening.  Beach for the day and a Charleston food crawl by night.

Friday, May 9, 2014

When your Parents Turn 50 at the Same Time

Hello dear friends! Go ahead you can say it, where have you been?? So nothing new, just the same old excuse: I've been so busy! Well. Both my parents turned fifty within two weeks of each other so B and I traveled home to CT and celebrated. I also started a new job in the interior design world. Who knew there were so many different kind of trendy chairs?! But anyway I will share with all of you my April, the month both my fabulous parents turned 50! So young!

My Mom at her 50 birthday bash. It was thrown by her best friends, a group of the dance moms we grew up with. I'm telling you these are the best moms out there. During our competition years they morphed into superwomen managing all of our costumes, accessories and traveled all over just to see us take the stage. Through laughter, tears and a few trips down memory lane I really enjoyed the evening.  

So fabulous!

The Tarywile Mansion in Danbury, CT. Alana and I spent the afternoon combing the grounds and taking in the scenery. 

My Dad's party I was running around for. There was a rock band, drinks and the crown jewel: ELVIS. He waited in the bar below the hall and Ashley (the BFF) and I had the pleasure of bringing him up and watching my dad's face as he was introduced.

Great to see the fam.

And finally Brent and I celebrated the start of my new job the following weekend with a trip to Monitcello wine country. 

The Barbour ruins. Designed by Thomas Jefferson for Governor Barbour. Destroyed by fire Christmas Day 1864.
The grounds of the Barboursville Winery.

Now I pinky promise I resume regular posts now, so much to come!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Right on Target

This ensemble is all from Target. Simple and classy I wanted to share it with you as a great bargain shopping piece. Living out in Gainesville I don't have Bloomingdales right at my fingertips anymore, bummer, but I'll live. For an event I recently attended  I tried the local TJ Maxx. Its always hit or miss there. This time was a miss and I was left running into Target, my next choice, I love everything about this classic pale pink dress and off white wedge. 

Saturday, April 5, 2014

A Disney Family's Tricks of the Trade

If you have ever visited Walt Disney World or Disneyland you know that a certain kind of family exists within the boundaries of the parks that is almost inhuman. The Disney Family. They are the ones up at dawn to get their character breakfast in and they last until the extra magic hours end past 1:00am.  Well ladies and gents, I come from one of those families. I have been more times than I can count, my mother has been even more than that and was there the year it opened and my sister was a performer in Orlando. So I am writing this post due to the coming vacation season and for all those families at are making their first trip this year. So here is your guide to conquering Walt Disney World.

Eye on the Mouse: Keys to Success

To Save $$$- Disney Dining Plan! All you need is a restaurant reservation in the am & evening and a snack during the day. It works. 

The Parks

A family on average spends seven days on vacation including travel time. Disney doesn't work without a schedule. We see everything and here is how you do it:

-Arrival- Arrive. Get settled. Don't jump in the parks that first night, you'll waste a day on your hopper pass when you'll be too tired too early. Instead spend the night in Downtown Disney,  grab a bite at The Earl of Sandwich and finish with ice cream from Ghiardelli's. An early bedtime leaves you refreshed in the am.

I recommend your first day be at the Magic Kingdom. 

We start with a character breakfast. Chef Mickey's is our first choice because of it's close proximity to the Magic Kingdom at the Contemporary Resort. Get that 7:30 am slot so you can monorail over to Magic Kingdom for 9:00 start. (Fun fact: want to be picked to be the Grand Marshals of the afternoon parade? Get on Mains St. USA early during entry for hotel guests. That's when we were asked!) A good second choice is the 1900 Park Fare breakfast at the Grand Floridian.

Get those fast passes as soon as you walk into the park they sell out quick! My sister Kelly sets a meeting point with us and runs ahead with our passes to get them and meets us at one of the less popular ride. Grab Space Mountain first the Splash.

Oh yea... Here's Kelly as Rusty's Girl in the Christmas Parade.

Magic Kingdom Tips:
- If it is your second day at the park skip the parades and get on your favorite rides. Most people will be watching allowing you to get a couple Splash Mountain runs. Our personal favorite is Space Mountian.

-To get the Cinderellas Royal Table or Be Our Guest you have to be on the website to reserve as soon as it becomes available, keep refreshing. If you didn't make reservations the day it doesn't hurt to walk up and ask if there is room that evening. My mother has got in twice doing that. She's real Disney expert.

- Magic Kingdom does take two days. Fantasy Lands are very long. On your first visit hit the parades, fireworks, Tomorrowland, FantasyLand and Frontierland. On your second visit which will probably your half day hit Adventureland, revisit your favorite rides and of course see those fireworks again. I love Wishes!

Taking a much needed break waiting for a table at Tony's on Main St. USA

Day Two:  Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow AKA Epcot

Epcot is a a more leisurely day. One day is plenty but you do need to get there as soon as the park opens. No sleeping in at Disney!

-Get in there and head straight to Soarin' (My fave ride of all the parks.) Before the lines form sometimes you can get in three times. Then get your fast pass to Test Track. Test Track's line moves SO slow so fp is a MUST.

- Mission Space- ride at your own risk. Not a huge fan.

- You've done Figment, The Land, Test Track and Soarin' now before you fall asleep hit Ellen's Energy Adventure to rest up. It is 45 min long and gives your feet a rest.

- The World Showcase- hit it the second half of your day. Love the Maelstrom ride in Norway, a mini Splash Mountain.

- For dinner we have tried almost all of the World Showcase restaurants. Choose Biergarten in Germany.

Day Three: Animal Kingdom 

- Animal Kingdom does not take a full day.

-Start with a yummy breakfast with Donald Duck at the Tusker House. Just like Chef Mickey's, great photo op and easier to reserve.

-Get those Kilimanjaro Safari Fast Passes as soon as the park opens and while waiting hit the It's Tough to be a Bug! 3-D in the Tree of Life while waiting for your time to roll around. 

- If you plan on being soaked the rest of the day, hit the Bali River Rapids. My sister's and I's dinner was ruined on our first visit after riding. I never went on again!

Part Dos for Day Three and Your Day Four

- Use this time time to hit a water park or revisit your favorite park. (We are Typhoon Lagoon Fans!)

-Try the Disney Boardwalk near the Swan and Dolphin. Nice for a relaxing night with a view of the lagoon. 

Finish with Hollywood Studios

-I say this because you HAVE to conclude your visit with FANTASMIC! Mickey triumphing over all of the Disney Villains fireworks show will leave you feeling like all your time at Disney was worth it. 

-Research and see which restaurants give you guaranteed Fantasmic tickets. Although if you get in line as soon as they open the gates to the stadium you will get a seat. Grab a snack and during your hour wait on the bleachers prepare to do the wave! 

-You don't need fast passes for Tower of Terror line moves very quickly. 

- AS SOON AS YOU WALK IN get the fast pass to Toy Story Midway Mania. THEY SELL OUT.

- Use the single rider line for Rockin' Roller Coaster. Moves fast. 

And to Finish- The Blanskchen Weber Family's Favorites

- The patriarch, aka my dad Dave, likes the Port Orleans Resort. Not as expensive as Grand Floridian but east access to the parks and he enjoys the boats you can rent to cruise around Disney's Seven Seas. 

- Leave your purses behind and invest in a small backpack to carry your water especially if it is summer. Waters in the park are like 5.00.

-Hoop Dee Doo Revue was our favorite dining experience. Plan this on your Animal Kingdom day!

- Halloween is our favorite time to visit. Mickey's Not so Scary Halloween puts on the best show out of all the holidays. Don't believe me? Ask my Mom, she's been there for every single holiday. 

- Favorite lunch snack, Popcorn! 

- Invest in mouse ears every time. 

-Wishes is worth seeing multiple times. Illuminations at Epcot can be missed if already seen. 

-Take advantage of the monorail and your extra magic hours. Done with Magic Kingdom? Monorail to Epcot to see the park after the non Disney property guest filter out.

This blogpost does not even begin to cover everything. Much like the trip, there is to much to cover in one post! If you are planning a trip and need some guidance we can offer more than any travel book. Feel free to comment below and I can help!

Some more of our Disney Fun:

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Weekly Musings

Bonjour! I know this is supposed to be a weekly post and I promise I will resume it beginning today. With B and I's move we simply have had little time to spend on our hobbies, but now all is unpacked and the design phase is in full swing so I can get back to MMIH! Here all are the things that I am taking great joy in at the moment.  

German Boy: A Child in War While perusing the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum on Dulles Airport grounds this weekend with my father, we wandered in and passed and author doing a signing. I ran over to the board set up with his biography stating that he was a retired Air Force Colonel and had spent his childhood in WWII Germany. I did my Honors Thesis on the Nazi High Command and spent the better part of two years studying WWII Germany. My mouth dropped but my Dad had his eye on the planes straight ahead. I went after him but said I wanted to go back to meet that author. Feeling like a little girl again midway through our tour I took him back to the booth and met Mr. Wolfgang Samuel. What a fascinating man.  I picked up The German Boy immediately and he was happy for me to read it since I revealed my background in the subject. I can't put it down. I recommend this to all of my readers whether you have an interest in history or not. It is not often we hear from the German civilians that lived through the Allied invasion. 

The Valentino Rockstud Pump. Enough Said. 

Bull Run Winery. For those of you DCers needing a drive out of the city on a weekend take the drive out to Gainesville! Bull Run Winery is situated on the Bull Run Battlefield and features live music, tastings and best of all: relaxation. You can only get their labels at the winery they don't sell to distributors so it is a treat to go and have a couple glasses! 

Juvel Lera. Best friend and artist Libby makes these FAB pieces of jewelry. I bought two white pieces and can't take them off. People ask all the time "Oh! Wear did you get those?" They add pop to a ensemble for a night out or just a casual outfit to run some errands in. 

Friday, March 21, 2014

What My Early Twenties Have Taught Me

    Hello lovlies! I am reporting from the couch this evening, coffee in hand. The prospect of working out seemed great but after getting up at 3:30 the past three days my body insisted I stay relaxed and not get up. I envy all the women who would get up and run two miles, some inspiration to do that please?

With spring approaching, I wanted to post something meaningful. I have read so many posts about fellow twenty somethings life experiences that I thought why not share mine? 

1.  Learning to Love YOU

When I was twenty I came to Washington DC like a million other college students for the unpaid internship deal and interned for a political fundraising firm. I walked into my first lecture and immediately felt intimidated. The person to my right was pre-law at Columbia and the person to my left already had a job lined up for the fall at a lobbying firm. WHAT.  It felt right out of the movies, I stumbled into a jungle of college kids that would take me out in a second to get to the top. Questions like: How can I compete with that? What am I going to do with my life? kept popping up in my head and I felt insecure. But as I grew and tackcled new experiences I started to become confident. So what if I didn't   graduate from Yale! I had to learn to value what I could bring to the table. I love the fact I am a history nerd and walk funny due to nautral turn out and years of ballet training. I wrote a phenomenal psycho historical analysis on Albert Speer and Josef Goebbels that had to count for something right?  I certainly don't have it all figured out but the challenges I faced made me stronger and helped me learn to embrace ME. 


2. You NEED a Hobby

I used to laugh at my father for having like ten motorcycles and fifty model airplanes. His response to me was "I've got to have my hobbies!" Yeah ok dad. Now I realize this is allllll too true. While you area young   professional you are put in those grueling hours trying to get ahead and are always on the grind. I find peace in blogging and in fashion. They are newer interersts but I like the challenge of developing a them. MMIH in a constant work in progress and is an outlet for me. I never thought of myself as a writer and definitely am not perfect, but I learn something new with each post. I challenge all of you to start something new. Maybe volunteer, take up fishing, who knows?! That new hobby will be something to call your own. Below-fueling my fathers fave hobby.


  3. Find that Group of Girlfriends

What would I do without them?! Libby and I once discussed how important it is to have girl time even when married. I love marg nights, sweatpants and a movie or just chatting. You need that group of usually four of five that are your go tos, that you can call day or night. Carrie Bradshaw nailed it when she said your girlfriends are your soulmates.


4. Loving my Marriage

For those of you who know us personally, you know B and I are quite the pair. We appear to be total opposites but in fact we are the best of friends. We have the best time togather and I truly can't picture my life without him. A word of advice for the ladies out there seeking their prince, look for someone you can be YOU with, unfiltered. Someone you fall on the ground laughing with, that willl comfort you when you cry and will stand by you during the hard times that come your way. So cliche, but I found my keeper, when looking for yours make sure you pick your best friend. I especially like the scene in Disney's Frozen when Anna realizes she love Christophe and not the deceiving gallant prince. If you've seen it you get it. If not go watch that movie!


5.The Importance of Family

As a teenager I couldn't wait to leave CT behind. I'd say who wants to live here it is so dull! I didn't take into account then that my family was the most important thing in the world to me. So when I packed up my Uhaul to join my new husband four years ago in DC, I remembered swallowing hard and thinking of all my loved ones. My Uncle Jim told me at Christmas that whenever he knows we are coming to CT he sees that I posit "Going home to CT!" He said does that tell you something? It does. That our home will always be with our families. Even though we love NOVA and the adventure DC is my heart still aches when I can only talk to my parents and sisters on the phone. 


Monday, March 17, 2014

Stepping into a New Chapter

With the first day of spring around the corner it works just perfectly that B and I will be starting a new chapter in our lives. After almost a year of contstruction I am writing this post looking out of our enoumous picture window in the new townhouse. We left the nosiness of city life and have retreated into the quiet town of Gainesville in NOVA. (Not far from DC, 35 minutes.) 

I took a break from blogging the settle in and focus on getting the move complete without any speedbumps. Now we're about  finished just needing to get the blinds in. FYI for new homeowners, blinds arre the most expensive part! 

So while I'll be resuming the Weekly Musings series and posting constantly about spring adventures I just wanted to get on here and let you all know (wait I live in the south so it's y'all now, right?) that I am  still here and thinking of you! Hope you are filling your closets with bright colors, bathing suits  and planning vacas! Spring is almost here!

                               Taking advantage of a warm day in Norfolk, VA