Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Weekly Musings

Bonjour! I know this is supposed to be a weekly post and I promise I will resume it beginning today. With B and I's move we simply have had little time to spend on our hobbies, but now all is unpacked and the design phase is in full swing so I can get back to MMIH! Here all are the things that I am taking great joy in at the moment.  

German Boy: A Child in War While perusing the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum on Dulles Airport grounds this weekend with my father, we wandered in and passed and author doing a signing. I ran over to the board set up with his biography stating that he was a retired Air Force Colonel and had spent his childhood in WWII Germany. I did my Honors Thesis on the Nazi High Command and spent the better part of two years studying WWII Germany. My mouth dropped but my Dad had his eye on the planes straight ahead. I went after him but said I wanted to go back to meet that author. Feeling like a little girl again midway through our tour I took him back to the booth and met Mr. Wolfgang Samuel. What a fascinating man.  I picked up The German Boy immediately and he was happy for me to read it since I revealed my background in the subject. I can't put it down. I recommend this to all of my readers whether you have an interest in history or not. It is not often we hear from the German civilians that lived through the Allied invasion. 

The Valentino Rockstud Pump. Enough Said. 

Bull Run Winery. For those of you DCers needing a drive out of the city on a weekend take the drive out to Gainesville! Bull Run Winery is situated on the Bull Run Battlefield and features live music, tastings and best of all: relaxation. You can only get their labels at the winery they don't sell to distributors so it is a treat to go and have a couple glasses! 

Juvel Lera. Best friend and artist Libby makes these FAB pieces of jewelry. I bought two white pieces and can't take them off. People ask all the time "Oh! Wear did you get those?" They add pop to a ensemble for a night out or just a casual outfit to run some errands in. 

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