Sunday, January 12, 2014

Positive Vibes and My Thoughts on 2014

2014. I've never really gotten into the 'new year clean slate' thing. But this year feels different. B and I had an eventful 2013.  A move, change in jobs, different schedules and a whole new set of responsibilites. The safety bubble of the military popped and we've done alot of expereimenting. Here's what I've decided: This year I am buying into the whole new years thing.It just feels right. 

Positive Vibes. 

Ah the year of the trimming out the un-neccesaries. A friend that brings you down. Committing yourself to a healthy lifestyle. Whatever makes you feel absolutely amazing. 

For me:

Concentrating on my home. YES! It will be ready soon. Libby and Cate are my go tos for helping me create a cozy/beautiful/light home. This year I want to awaken any creativity I have inside me and use my new townhome as a blank canvass. 

My ideas so far include: The Benjamin Moore Colonial Williamsburg paint line (faves so far are prentis cream and finley blue), an industrial rustic table with the help of Libby, and the Turkish rugs. OH the TURKISH RUGS. 

For those looking for some home inspiration check out Libby's

Travel with the husband. 

Brent and I have never travelled together. Whether it's been moving, deployment, moving again, starting a new job. This year. No excuses. 

B is not one to lay on a beach. And really, niether am I. I want to spend a week exploring, experiencing a different culture. Our wishlist: Lisbon, Istanbul, Germany. Obviously we can't hit see them all in one year but we're going to make one trip happen. 

Cook. More. 

My grandmother would probably cringe if she saw me set the smoke alarm off just by making homemade pizza. I have no imagination. I think dinner and I think shake and bake porkchops. It's B who whips up the perfect chili to cure a case of the Mondays, not me. So HELP. I need ideas, any reccomendations for good foodie blogs to follow?

The miscellaneous:
-Have my cousin, the world travelling foodie, visit. Follow her :
- Take a day trip to West Virginia
-Spend a day at Sandbridge with Libby
- Girls Weekend with Cate & Libby
- A weekend in Charlottsville with B
- Run a full mile (VERY hard for a severe asthmatic)
- Get involved in my new community, Gainesville VA

These are only a few of the pledges I am making for myself this year. There are probably twenty. But in a nutshell my family, work and passions are placed first and foremost. So bring on the new year and fresh slate. I'm ready for it!


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  2. Thanks for the blog shoutout, lady! I am so excited for our girls' weekend in DC. I second Alana's Costco recommendation (they have a lot of frozen options for quick meals) and you should check out Eat Yourself Skinny (awesome, easy recipes) and FoodGawker (huge database). Miss you!