Sunday, February 2, 2014

Announcing an Exciting Partnership with The DC Ladies and Shopping in your Closet!

Hello Everyone! Before I begin my post about taking a shopping trip in your own closet, I have an exciting announcment! I will be contributing to the fabulous "The DC Ladies" online commnunity for women in the the DC area. The DC Ladies brings all the wonderful women from the beltway together to discuss anything from weddings to food and fitness. As a first year DC newbie, I connected with founders Shelley and Sarah on twitter. Within one day they had me out at The Tigerlily Foundation Empower Ball. I will be contributing philanthropic posts and am looking forward to sharing my charity/nonprofit work with women all over DC!

Follow them at!!!!

                                  Now does this picture look familiar?      


That's you right? Or is it me? It's probably both of us. Do you find yourself dashing to the mall whenever you have an event to attend or even just a night out? For me, I usually feel better when I take a trip to the mall and get something new. But it turns out, my husband isn't as big a fan of JCrew as I am. Whenever I complain about needing that perfect outfit for that dinner I have to go to B usually walks me to the closet and says and what is all that! I used to roll my eyes and tell myself what does he know anyway. He's a guy and jeans and a polo works for him. But when I pulled my favorite peplum top out of the depths of my closet shelves last week and I thought he may be right. Some of my favorite pieces are right in my closet. You just have to buy the right items that can be dressed up or dressed down. Basically the right foundation pieces. 

Here is what I reccomend:

A great dark jean. Looks great with a tshirt and sneakers and can be dressed up with pumps a blouse and statement necklace. 
My pick: JCrew matchstick jeans in classic rinse

A classic jacket, similar to the jackets Kate Middleton sports. Either a blue, black or white pair with any outfit. Reiss has alot of options and most are on sale now! My blue Anne Klein is hands down the best coat I have ever owned, the shape is lovely and I get at least one compliment a day.

Go to statment necklace- Browse a local consignment shop and check out the jewelry. You usually can find a great statement bubble necklace or long necklace. I never spend too much on these because they always seem to break. For DCers Reddz Trading in Georgetown and Bethesda is the best option.

A peplum top. This dresses up a jeans ensemble, pair a statement necklace of choice with it and your good to go! Topshop or Nordstrom usually has great selection of peplums. I reccomend a white or black. 

A nice sweater. For the cold days. There a some nice ones out there. White or cream work to keep it light.

Something fun. Keep a out of the ordinary fashion choice in your closet. When you are feeling adventurous throw it on and hit the town! It can be a dress, leather jacket, whatever your heart desires.

A gown in your best color. You never know when you could have somewhere fancy to go! I've had a days notice to go to a charity event. My blue BCBG Maxazria gown was hanging there waiting for me. The reason I say your best color is because you are to going to feel confident in it. When I did pageants I ALWAYS had a red or blue dress. They just work for me. 

The little black dress. A simple black dress per Coco Chanel is a must. Need I say more? 

Black and nude pumps. Black pumps dress up any outfit and nude pumps go with anything. (That daring dress you have? Yea nude pumps are the only things that go with that! ;)) 

A party dress. Tea length and classy. For dinners out with the girls or your significant other.

These are just a couple of my reccomendations. If you have these bones for your wardrobe you can mix and match and will have some for any occasion!

Taking a look in my closet here are my faves: 

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