Friday, May 9, 2014

When your Parents Turn 50 at the Same Time

Hello dear friends! Go ahead you can say it, where have you been?? So nothing new, just the same old excuse: I've been so busy! Well. Both my parents turned fifty within two weeks of each other so B and I traveled home to CT and celebrated. I also started a new job in the interior design world. Who knew there were so many different kind of trendy chairs?! But anyway I will share with all of you my April, the month both my fabulous parents turned 50! So young!

My Mom at her 50 birthday bash. It was thrown by her best friends, a group of the dance moms we grew up with. I'm telling you these are the best moms out there. During our competition years they morphed into superwomen managing all of our costumes, accessories and traveled all over just to see us take the stage. Through laughter, tears and a few trips down memory lane I really enjoyed the evening.  

So fabulous!

The Tarywile Mansion in Danbury, CT. Alana and I spent the afternoon combing the grounds and taking in the scenery. 

My Dad's party I was running around for. There was a rock band, drinks and the crown jewel: ELVIS. He waited in the bar below the hall and Ashley (the BFF) and I had the pleasure of bringing him up and watching my dad's face as he was introduced.

Great to see the fam.

And finally Brent and I celebrated the start of my new job the following weekend with a trip to Monitcello wine country. 

The Barbour ruins. Designed by Thomas Jefferson for Governor Barbour. Destroyed by fire Christmas Day 1864.
The grounds of the Barboursville Winery.

Now I pinky promise I resume regular posts now, so much to come!

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