Monday, September 23, 2013

I Can't Think about that Right Now. If I do I'll go Crazy. I'll Think about that Tomorrow.

The favorite saying of the average twenty five year old.... Right?!

Around here there is no sugar coating things, life is crazy! That is exactly what I am going to write about today.

In the Gonska household we are constantly moving in a million different directions. When you walk in our door you are greeted by four cats perched on the counter, our phones ring in the text messages from family wondering how we are and there always seems to be mountains of laundry sitting on top of the dryer. B and I both have 13 hour work days and before I can ever tackle my long to do list the nightly question I face is "What the heck are we going to eat for dinner?!"

Throw in keeping up to date on our new construction townhouse and it is then I find myself uttering the words of Scarlett O'Hara and I push off anything else until "tomorrow." But yesterday when I was in dreamland enjoying my one day of the week I can sleep past seven my text message ding (the minuet of course) went off at 9 am. My thoughts were: gosh it is Sunday! Who could that be?! I am not ready to bust out my four miles. Just one more hour. But then I picked up my phone and there it was: a text message from my sister Kelly. 

Rob, her boyfriend of many years and a member of our family, deployed. I knew he was going and wished him well but that text message was all I needed to be brought back to reality.  B was in the Navy for five years and not even a year after we were married he deployed for a year. This is Robs third deployment. Suddenly I felt the feeling I knew all too well. The pain of knowing it would be long time until you would be together again. Knowing that for that time you would have to be ok with living your separate lives, as a close friend once told me. After texting back and forth with Kelly for an hour I was angry with myself for forgetting not to take any moment for granted.

So I got B out of bed, brewed his fave coffee (Girl Scout Creamer Samoa) and decided that for once I wasn't going to push off a day in DC until "tomorrow." We went to the National Book Festival, the Air and Space Museum and jumped on a bike from the capital bikeshare to pedal around the monuments. There were scores of people in line the get an autograph from their favorite authors, people cheered and waved as the presidential motorcade passed and there were huge lines in front of the ever famous DC food truck. With all the smiling and laughter of a DC Sunday I kept in the back of my mind those who were overseas or preparing to go overseas and their families. I was I their shoes once. Brent hurried us home to make sure we had some relaxation time and back in Bethesda we relaxed and enjoyed a night of just being together.

So please never take a moment for granted. And I am going to be totally annoying and say seize the day. There is no better day than today!


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