Friday, September 27, 2013

In True Echo Boomer Style, Building in the DC Metro Area

Recently the Washington Post has published a few stories about the Echo Boomers flocking to the DC metro area. The "Echo Boomer"- someone aged 25-32...... and apparently we LOVE DC. We just can't afford to settle in a beautiful townhouse in Georgetown quite yet and are taking our first "established" steps in Northern VA, Montgomery County etc etc.

I mean someday I will have the beautiful townhouse in Georgetown in true Jackie O style ;).......but for right now building a townhouse is more than enough for us. We have chosen Gainesville (next to Manassas) to set up camp. It has a southernesque feel but still close to DC so we can easily metro into the city on the weekends. ( Russia House happy hours don't have to disappear!) The process will take about nine months all together and I will be posting updates constantly. B gets the updates from our project manager, who is awesome, and I spend most my time pintresting new ideas. Our move in date will be sometime in March.

This is what the hardworking staff at Ryan Homes has accomplished so far: 

So just a skeleton but we have come a long way since we have decided to build in May. I can't say the process has been completely stressless, but it is a lot easier than I had expected. 

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