Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Fall with the Founding Fathers

This weekend was my cousin Karen's last weekend in DC. She was here on assignment for two months and I have been totally spoiled. We've  had a pretty awesome time together meeting for dinner downtown, enjoying wine nights and this weekend we ventured to the western part of VA to the homes of Thomas Jefferson and James Madison.

Monticello is absolutely breathtaking. The home is unlike any other historic site I have visited before. Jerfferson is my favorite founding father after all, so of course I'd be partial to his estate. The tour is about forty five minutes and walking the grounds takes you past lush gardens and views of the Blue Ridge Mountains. After we toured the home, gardens and visited the Jefferson gravesite ( his descendants are still buried there HOW COOL) Karen and I were famished. We ate a quick bite at the cafe and she blurted out "So we HAVE to got to Montpelier now!" OK.

We took the wrong turn five times but made the last tour of James' and Dolley Madison's home. What I liked about Montepelier was that it was a work in progress. They aren't just placing period furniture in rooms and saying this is what James and Dolley would have lived like. They are doing lots of research to find Madison original pieces etc.... and it was so serene. Dolley is known for her love of parties and socializing. But here was her refuge. When you go stand on the porch in the front of the house and gaze at the Blue Ridge Mountains you will never want to leave. 

So verdict: if Brent ever wanted to take me away to Charlottesville I'd be on board.  

Here are some shots from the day... but before I go I want to encourage all my readers to support public history. Take the short drive out to Monticello and Montpelier and visit the homes of these remarkable individuals.


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